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Our Scalptech Australia practitioner is internationally and nationally trained in scalp micropigmentation, cosmetic tattoo, dermal skin therapist, medi-spa  and management since 1994 and is fully:

  • Diploma qualified since 2014
  • Certified
  • Licensed
  • BISHOP  Pro Sponsored Artist

At Scalptech Australia, we understand that with every day that goes by your hair is thinning and is getting worse. You hide your head under hats and your balding is adding unnecessary stress to your life, or feel you have lost a little confidence. You have researched the pills, creams and transplants, and none are right for you.
Our treatments include a FREE consultation to identify your concerns, needs and desired outcome, while combining the latest techniques with highest quality of organic ink to achieve the best possible results.

scalp micropigmentation brisbane


The Scalptech Australia Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) technique creates the illusion of hair follicle replication without having to go under the knife for an expensive invasive surgery. SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation) is often referred to as a hair tattoo, although far more advanced in the technique.

SMP is a permanent, non-invasive, affordable alternative to the knife and will not leave an unsightly scar like some other treatments. The technique is suitable for both men and women suffering from all types and stages of hair-loss.

During your free consultation we will discuss how dense you would like your hair, and the darkness and overall look you are striving for. Our technician will be very honest and upfront about whether your goals are achievable or not.

At Scalptech Australia we pride ourselves on our honesty and our ability to achieve the best possible result for every client.


The Scalptech Australia clinic is located with in Taylor Medical Center Suite 17, 40 Annerley Road WOOLLOONGABBA and provides a relaxed atmosphere and discrete, professional treatments for our clients.


We achieve the best results using BISHOP scalp micropigmentation machines. Although we are hitting just the top layers of skin, a longer stroke means more ink is deposited, resulting in less fading, fewer sessions required, and ultimately better results. 


Scalptech Australia use needles that fit our own machines. They are  smaller than commercially available needles, resulting in smaller follicle replications and a more realistic result. Like their machines,some competitors use permanent makeup needles to perform scalp micropigmentation. These needles are too large, and creates dots that are too wide to correctly simulate real hair follicles.


Our pigments are of natural source with no colour additives. They cannot break down into other colours because they contain NO CONSTITUENT COLOURS. This is critical to prevent inks turning blue. This will never happen with the inks used at Scalptech Australia.